Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar 1st

So its midnight and im pretty bored. Nothing really do to, im being lazy to do my hw right now cause I feel brain dead since its so late right now lol. I wish I had my charger for the lx I bought, hmphh, would've been using it by now. Oh well, I cooked some beef stew, for like the first time lol, its alright I guess. And I finally unlocked my mii on mariokart so I can use it when im racing, oh yeahhh ! hahah. Idk what to do right now, either to chill in bed, or just roam around on the internet.

I look at things, things I wish I had, makes you wish you had the money to buy the things you wish you bought lol, doesnt it ? But yeah, its life. I wish I worked already, I wouldn't have to wish, or wish as much. Hopefully I don't have to wish no more, no longer, and someday I'll make all my wishes come true :]

All I can do is want, just look at things and hopefully to never see it again. Its watever though, something to not think about and give thanks for the things you already have.

I guess im gonna just go now, I wish I had my bestfriend to vent too, we had a good conversation earlier, something I wanted to continue. Well im out till next time.

kthxbyeeeeee !

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