Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sooooo, it's been WAAAY TOO LONG since I've blogged, or it feels like it, and I had no time to really blog in awhile, summers finally over, school started, emmaus/ym started, and i'm still working. So I've been pretty much on a tight schedule this year, but I try to make time to blog as much as I can lol. Maybe I'll make another blog about my summer cause thats tooo much to write about and I don't feel like typing that much, and like I'm supose to be continuing typing my essay but I chose to type a random blog instead since I've sorta missed it in awhile x]

School so far is pretty chill, classes are easy for now, and I'm getting through. But I think i'm going back to APE for basketball which I don't really want to do but then I do ? Idk, cause I don't want to change my classes, and my PE class seems hella easy, but I don't knw, it's watever I guess lol. Homework has been a beeezy lately though cause I'm on a busy schedule after school, like work or church, which doesn't really give me time to do homework, but I try my best to use my time wisely. Other than that, school is alright, nothing really exciting, welcome back dance soon ? Oowee lol.

Work work work, I don't mind working, it's fun & i'm getting paid, but I guess it just takes most of my time but I mean its better than staying at home right? Expecially these days, if you don't knw me lol. But yeah, retreat for PYC is coming up soon and i'm pretty juiced for that too. & so on other events that I might announce if I feel like it lol! But yeah, work is work, you should check out our PSAs on youtubeeee, look us up, youtube.com/MoveWithPLAY :] Kthx!

Hm, what else? Idk what else to say for now, i'm supose to be reading, so I guess i'll save the rest for another day if it isnt another 123098473249 years later x] So this is just an update for now, & I hope you guys didn't miss me too much, hah ! jk. I'm oooout!

- Rani