Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sometimes in life we dont have to see everything ahead of us, just enough to see what’s infront of us. It’s like driving a car in a dark snow storm. You have two headlights that light up as far as 100-200 feet ahead of us. Will that stop you from driving? No, as long as you keep going you will keep seeing the next 100-200 feet. It’s like running on blind faith.

Just something that I found while I was reading through my Best's tumblr, and I thought it was real interesting, so decided to just post it up :] Enjoy.
Kthxbyeeeeee !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I guess you can say this is a random update, just because I haven't blog in AWHILE, or feels like in awhile. I guess I've been busy with things, been going around tryna find some jobs, going to alot of interviews and doing this & that. So I've been doing alot lately I guess, and just tryna do and finish all my schoolwork so I can finally start my freakn summer. I can't waaaait...But yeah, I've been alot of community stuff, and church things. And ugh, I just realized I'm growing a ugly gut and I need/want to lose it over the summer, so I'm going to push myself to do somewhat of a good excercise everyday, or almost everyday. Hmph, I needa get in shape again, ever since basketball for me was done, I did not do crap lol.

But yeahh, I can't wait for the summer, gona be pretty occupied. I hope I can say this would be the best summer so far, but who knows, anything can happen. I guess I'ma stop it here, thanks for reading. Byeeeeeeeee !

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Hero,

my hero,
is someone like no other.
he's been there for me
from the very start.
provide and support,
is what i thank him for.
and only the love and care,
is what keeps me going on.
teaches me from right from wrong,
and puts me towards the right path.
he saves me from,
the deepest situations,
and only highlights the,
joy and happiness
of each and every moment.
i can't ask for anything more.
i've got more than what i need,
my dad.
i love you

this was just a little something I made hella last mintue because it was for a project, I just wanted to post it up because why not save it right ? So yeah, there you gooo. Thanks for reading !

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Why does it affect me so much ? Should it even affect me ? Just questions I really think won't have an answer too, but just something that's roaming through my head.

But anyways, I haven't blogged in a REAL LOOOONG TIME, I guess I've been busy and been sick lately, I don't really feel like blogging right now, just wanted to say what I needed to say.

I'll save the update for another time, thanks for checking up.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day,

Yeahh, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers I know, from my friends and family. But Happy Mother's Day to the one and only mother of mine. It sucks that I can't even say that to you, I know I can't say it in front of you, and it sucks even more when I can't even talk to you. I know I miss you dearly, but it just hasn't been showing on the outside. Come back home, you've been there way too long, you've been away long enough that I've felt like I haven't had a mom these past months since you've been gone. It sucks to come home to an empty house everyday, to always buy fast food because theres no home cooked meals anymore, to always be alone at home without anyone to accompany me, it hurts to know it's been like this for awhile. And now, when you finally come back, I would feel different, because you've haven't been here with me for awhile, but deep inside I know I miss you, but it's like, do I know you ? It hurts alot, but I just have to learn to accept, accept that your away for a good cause, but I wish you knew you didn't have to leave again so quickly. But it's whatever, I'll get over it sometime.

But other than that, thank you for all you've done for me, and being there with me from the start. From my whole 15 years, and many years to come. I love you, even though I may get irritated by the things you make me do or when you get mad at me for no reason. We aren't going through the bestest times, but what can you do ? What am I to do ? It's ok, I just wish you knew how I felt, it's hard to talk to you when I rarely talk to you. But like I said, it's whatever. I don't know what else I wanna say to you, I guess it just sucks that your not here with me at this moment, and seeing everyone else with their family, spending time with eachother, like what we used to do when you were here. But no, here I am, alone. It's alright, I guess thats all I want to say for now, thanks for reading, bye.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I'ma take my time to actually jot down what has happend in like the past hour, because I think it's something worth reading if your really that interested x] But before I go on to that, my day was pretty chill, I liked today, pretty nice outside and some awesome weather. Just kinda sucks that the concert was cancelled, but my day still went pretty good without it. But anyways, here is what happend earlier...

So me, Stace, and Collins just came from a Mission SJ vs. JL volleyball game, and we were in the parking lot getting into Stace's car. And you know Stace, being the mean person she is, she locked the door on me just when I was about to go in, so I was like fine, and I hoped on the back of her car, sitting on her trunk and holding onto the little antenna handle she had on the top of the car. So I thought I was good, I mean, I thought she wouldn't do anything extreme since I'm in the back, so she started to slowly drive out of the parking lot. Suddenly, she blasted on the gas, and as I held onto the little handle thing, thinking I can grip it tighter so I wouldn't fall, I ended up FLYING off the car -_- Like literally, sliding off the trunk and skidding on the cement, almost went through a FULL somersalt, and it wasn't very pleasant, but I was still laughing at myself, yet in pain in the same time. All I could remember was letting go, and literally flying off and landing on my arm, my slipper flew off, and for some reason I got a cut on my thumb, and that hurted the most. Once I hit the floor, I could not get up, I stayed on the floor until Collins came out and checked up on me and placed my slipper on my foot lmao. I was dieing off laughter but off pain too -_- As I got up, I was limping, and Stace and Collins were off laughing their asses off. When I came upon the door, it was still locked, so I was like fck it, I'ma just walk if she won't open the door, so I did, after a minute or two, I guess they felt bad, and told me to get in the car, and I did. Blood was leaking off my scrapes, and sharp pains from my thumb, foot, and hand. Ugh, I think I certainly learned my lesson from that, and to NOT go on the back of a car, while moving, or at least on STACE'S CAR >.< face="georgia">And just earlier when I got home, I found a unexpected card from my Bestestest :D It made me feel special, but kinda sad cause I didn't get to hang out with my Best tonight, sorry ! But other than that, we will chill soon, don't worry. I guess this week has been a busy week for me, and I've been doing alot. So yeah, thank you for the lovely card, and for the slice of icecream cake & rose ? I can't wait to get those, haha. I thank god for having a bestfriend like you, and I thank god for not getting seriously injured earlier -_- hahah, but its all gooood.

Today was an interesting day, now for tomorrow ! No Affection Without Protection @ Paddys [Smith St., UC] Check it out and support FAA & PYC

Kthxbyeeee !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Saturday, May 2, 2009


So here I am, just hellaaa chillinnn, staying up for my Best. I'm vchatting and talking to peopleees. Had a pretty chill day, table tennis was awesome and staying up is coool but I wish I wasn't that lazy cause I want to cook some fried rice & spam x] But its ok, it can wait for the morning haha. I'm pretty bored, Best told me to blog cause I haven't in awhile, and thats true. This week passed by hella fast and its already May, whaaaat !? hahah, that was hella fast, next thing you know its already June and SUMMERTIME ! Oooweee, I'm hella juiced though, I can't wait.

Hm, what else could I talk about, I don't know what to do right now, and its hella late. PACMAN FIGHT LAAATER ! Oh yeahh, idk where I'ma watch it, but we'll seee. & movies later with Daddy, yay :D It's starting to rain here, and you know what sounds good when it's raining, PHO ! Yummmyy, & did you know Oreos&Milk is hella BOMB, like freals. But you know whats even MORE BOMB, MAC & CHEEEESE ! Whaaaaaaaaaat ! x] Freals though, you ain't down lmao ! Yeahh, thats wsup though.

Uhm, I think I'm done, I'm toooo lazy to write/type anymore...Until next time,