Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I'ma take my time to actually jot down what has happend in like the past hour, because I think it's something worth reading if your really that interested x] But before I go on to that, my day was pretty chill, I liked today, pretty nice outside and some awesome weather. Just kinda sucks that the concert was cancelled, but my day still went pretty good without it. But anyways, here is what happend earlier...

So me, Stace, and Collins just came from a Mission SJ vs. JL volleyball game, and we were in the parking lot getting into Stace's car. And you know Stace, being the mean person she is, she locked the door on me just when I was about to go in, so I was like fine, and I hoped on the back of her car, sitting on her trunk and holding onto the little antenna handle she had on the top of the car. So I thought I was good, I mean, I thought she wouldn't do anything extreme since I'm in the back, so she started to slowly drive out of the parking lot. Suddenly, she blasted on the gas, and as I held onto the little handle thing, thinking I can grip it tighter so I wouldn't fall, I ended up FLYING off the car -_- Like literally, sliding off the trunk and skidding on the cement, almost went through a FULL somersalt, and it wasn't very pleasant, but I was still laughing at myself, yet in pain in the same time. All I could remember was letting go, and literally flying off and landing on my arm, my slipper flew off, and for some reason I got a cut on my thumb, and that hurted the most. Once I hit the floor, I could not get up, I stayed on the floor until Collins came out and checked up on me and placed my slipper on my foot lmao. I was dieing off laughter but off pain too -_- As I got up, I was limping, and Stace and Collins were off laughing their asses off. When I came upon the door, it was still locked, so I was like fck it, I'ma just walk if she won't open the door, so I did, after a minute or two, I guess they felt bad, and told me to get in the car, and I did. Blood was leaking off my scrapes, and sharp pains from my thumb, foot, and hand. Ugh, I think I certainly learned my lesson from that, and to NOT go on the back of a car, while moving, or at least on STACE'S CAR >.< face="georgia">And just earlier when I got home, I found a unexpected card from my Bestestest :D It made me feel special, but kinda sad cause I didn't get to hang out with my Best tonight, sorry ! But other than that, we will chill soon, don't worry. I guess this week has been a busy week for me, and I've been doing alot. So yeah, thank you for the lovely card, and for the slice of icecream cake & rose ? I can't wait to get those, haha. I thank god for having a bestfriend like you, and I thank god for not getting seriously injured earlier -_- hahah, but its all gooood.

Today was an interesting day, now for tomorrow ! No Affection Without Protection @ Paddys [Smith St., UC] Check it out and support FAA & PYC

Kthxbyeeee !

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