Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sooooo, it's been WAAAY TOO LONG since I've blogged, or it feels like it, and I had no time to really blog in awhile, summers finally over, school started, emmaus/ym started, and i'm still working. So I've been pretty much on a tight schedule this year, but I try to make time to blog as much as I can lol. Maybe I'll make another blog about my summer cause thats tooo much to write about and I don't feel like typing that much, and like I'm supose to be continuing typing my essay but I chose to type a random blog instead since I've sorta missed it in awhile x]

School so far is pretty chill, classes are easy for now, and I'm getting through. But I think i'm going back to APE for basketball which I don't really want to do but then I do ? Idk, cause I don't want to change my classes, and my PE class seems hella easy, but I don't knw, it's watever I guess lol. Homework has been a beeezy lately though cause I'm on a busy schedule after school, like work or church, which doesn't really give me time to do homework, but I try my best to use my time wisely. Other than that, school is alright, nothing really exciting, welcome back dance soon ? Oowee lol.

Work work work, I don't mind working, it's fun & i'm getting paid, but I guess it just takes most of my time but I mean its better than staying at home right? Expecially these days, if you don't knw me lol. But yeah, retreat for PYC is coming up soon and i'm pretty juiced for that too. & so on other events that I might announce if I feel like it lol! But yeah, work is work, you should check out our PSAs on youtubeeee, look us up, youtube.com/MoveWithPLAY :] Kthx!

Hm, what else? Idk what else to say for now, i'm supose to be reading, so I guess i'll save the rest for another day if it isnt another 123098473249 years later x] So this is just an update for now, & I hope you guys didn't miss me too much, hah ! jk. I'm oooout!

- Rani

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My gooodness, I've been hella M.I.A with blogspot, booo. Sorry, this is just a random ass blog x] I shall vent about my summer sooon ! Sooorry folks ! I'll get back at this later,

Kthxbyeeee !

- Rainy days

Monday, July 13, 2009


So it's been waaaay too long since I've last blog, I guess I got too excited for summer, and got caught up that I didn't have much time or take the time to blog about whats been happening or what not. But after what, a month now? I've came back because this is a reply to Best's blog that he wrote to me, and I do it now because I don't want to keep lagging on it haha. I wrote this the night you wrote that blog, I wrote it on my phone as I was trying to fall asleep because I didn't want to lose the thoughts that were in my mind, but excuse me if I want to change somethings or what not, it was bit of just a SUDDEN thing. So here yaahhh go,

I see where your coming from, and I surely do understand why you and my parents would be worried sick about me, but I don't think you feel the same way with how I feel with the people I am with and the reasons why I am with them all the time. They are like a second family apart from my main, I love the environment they set and the welcoming arms they put out for me & others. They are people I trust, and people I know where I feel comfortable with. I don't have to worry about who I'm hanging out with or if I'm with the wrong crowd or what not. Plus 9/10 of the time, what do I come home to ? an empty home...So apart from being home alone, when I'm with them, their like brothers and sisters that just takes care of me away from being lonely. But not only that, when it's really late, I know my limits, and I know where I really need to go home, but sometimes it's not my fault that I can't go home right away but at the same time, It's my fault because, of course it doesn't hurt to call or txt just to update, but I guess thats my fault, and I can get a little or alot carried away or just that I didn't want to use their phones. But then again, I don't want to blame other people for my mistakes, so I'll take the blame. So sorry for not coming home in time and staying out late, expecially when you most needed someone to talk too. I guess at that time I felt like it was an occasion that we all deserved for that past 2-3 days that we've worked hard on. Yet again, it's my fault for not updating with you, and my parents, but expecially you because you've cared to even point this out, and to realize it. So I don't know how you still feel about me staying out late, but you should know I try coming home at the right time, but I can't guarentee it all the time because I know there will be times. I don't know about you, but I just want to enjoy my summer the best way I can. I handle enough stress at home, and doing stuff during the day, then end up coming home with no one in it almost every night, but sure, sorry for the miscommunication, its all goood.

Well I thinik I'm done, I'm tired. Until next time, kthxbyeeee !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simply No,

It's just the matter of saying "No" now, because I have come to realize, I can't do everything. Even though as much as I want to help everyone or participate in everything, somethings just have to come to a cut. I've come to realize how busy my summer will be, and now planning how my next school year will be too. But I'm just looking at it as if I do everything now, one by one, at the end, it'll benefit me and clear almost everything I have to do later on. As of right now, all the offers that are given to me, I can't simply accept, because now I have to think of what I already have, and try to apply it to that, and I can't seem to do it. I haven't been in a situation quite like this before, expecially for me saying "no", to opportunities that aren't easy to deny, but what can you do right ? Sorry for the ones that maybe need or want me, as for a helping hand or just for the fun of hanging out and chillinn, but I can't help everyone.

Hmph, I just wanted to point that out I guess, was on my mind and I wanted to type it out. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Stressing out, ahhh. Gotta light up, kthxbyeeee.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sooooo, about time I reply back to your LOOONG comment, hahah. That was like the longest comment I've gotten from awhile now haha. But yeahh, heres your reply x]

Goshh, updates sent from my phone can sure lag at time lmao. But I clearly sent that update long before you stopped talking to me, or decided to just go to sleep, but oh well, its alright. Oh ! & I'm really excited for this summer toooo ! I sure can't wait till your "graduation" HAH ! Oh goshh, I wonder how this is gona work, but I hope your master plans go well. All I know is that I'ma cheer you on, scream my lungs out and just pretend they "said" your name LMFAO ! It's cool though, somethings are just meant to break the rules hah. But deng, I think I'ma be pretty occupied this summer, start working I think, so alot of community things and chillinn at PYC, then church stuff, I have a retreat this month and go to meetings and what not, finish my drivers ed so I can get my permit, more parties ? loll, I don't even know about that one, and just chill I guess with friends ? And of course, my best, whenever we both have the time because I know your gonna be busy working and doing your USANA stuff, expecially since your trying to hit your silver director, and I believe you'll make it.

Btw, the Oreo Pie was bombb, and thanks for wanting to spoil meeee x] I sure love oreos lol <3

Anyways, I remember when we used to answer surveys together, even MAKE eachother surveys, hahah that was fun, we should do that again sometime. We should write eachother poems again, I've been in a urge to write something, but I haven't had the chance to just lay down with a notebook and pencil, and just start writing, but maybe sometime soon, maybe after school end, that way I have waaay more time to do things. Like clean my room xD Muwahah.

And here are the answers to your questions...How am I ? Well as of right now, I'm pretty darn tired, my eyes are heavy, but I'm just tryna stay awake with you and wait till you leave to your beach party, yet I have a feeling I'm end up falling asleep before that lol. Hm, how'd life ? Life is wonderful, couldn't be better, just tryna live life to the fullest, and do everything I can do occupy myself and just do what I gotta do, yahnoe ? How do I feel about the break up so far ? Well, I don't feel anything, and I don't want to feel anything about it, other than that, all I know is that I think I have made the right choice, no wait, I KNOW I made the right choice, because I have a feeling that if I would've went back, then it would've been the same crap all over again. So yeah lol, when am I gonna cook you dinner ? The day I will cook you dinner is when you hit director & silver director, either one. And when you do, that will determine when I'll cook your dinner lol, any suggestions ? x] How's school ? School is alright, there has been alot of parties/chill days, and alot of reviews and tests, but its just that final push before my summer. Ugh, I don't want to take finals though -__- Hella loooong, rawr. Excited for summer ?! Hell yeahhh I'm excited for summer, I mean who wouldn't ? I'm done with being a freshman, and I just want to relax and do stuff other than school for awhile, I'm already in my summer status haha. Uhm, competitions ? LOL ! I don't think you do have any competition x] I'm not really looking at anyone or looking for anyone at the moment, so no need to worry lmao. Am I in RACE or PLAY ? For right now, I'm in PLAY, just because I haven't had a interview with RACE and I see myself more in PLAY, and Jerico already told me I was in it, so yeah, I'm in PLAY lol. And I don't think I need to answer the beach party question, cause unfortunately I can't go because the emmaus dinner, sooowee !

Oh gosh this is long -____- lol.

What do I think about you so far ? Well, I sure feel alot more comfortable around you and like I sure feel alot more closer to you from the beginning. I still think of you as my bestfriend though, ahh soowee. My intentions aren't in THAT status right now. What do I like about you ? What I like about you is that your willing to make time for me anytime and anyday as possible, and you always take care of me no matter what condition I'm in, and you always have your ways to make me happy or just to simply put a smile on my face, theres a lot more but I don't think this blog can handle it xD Jk. I certainly don't hate anything about you, but dislike about you ? Thats pretty hard to recall because I can't think of anything I dislike about you, your understanding and you always know how to cope with the things that may or may not happen if we have a plan or what not, and I couldn't attend it or had something to do, but you understand that we BOTH have our own things, and we only try to make time when we do, and I appreciate that because you understand that I'm trying to do what I have to do, and I understand what you have to do. <--- LOL ! that sounded hella weird for some reason, oh well, I'ma leave it haha.

Ok happy ? I answered all your questions xP But yeah, we should take a picture together soon, and we will lol. So be ready ! Ahhhh, I'm like hella tired now and you said I looked like I'm not enjoying this hahaha, but really I am, it just doesn't show on the outside because of how tired I am right now lol. But yeah, I think this is ENOUGH -__- No more questions asked, and you still want me to answer your survey, but that can wait for another day, my brain is like fried right now lmfao ! I think this is long enough, I wonder how long it'd be if it was sent in a comment on myspace haha.

I'm sleeeeeeepy, I hope you enjoyed reading this, I mean you BETTER like it x] jkjk. Now I'll just wait for your reaction to this while were on stickam lol. I miss love you hahha. Byee !

Thursday, June 4, 2009


slooooowly working myself one step at a time, taking it slow, and hopefully later in life, I reach my goal or accomplish something I'm satisfied with.

Damn I'm sore -__- I'm hella weak.

Yeah, and today wasn't my day, but oh well.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Oooweee, it's the beginning of June and i'm already juiced :D I say I have ALOT for me this month and I can't wait, omg. But yeah, today was the last day of YM, and we had our potluck, it was pretty funnn, and I found of somehting that I was SO EXCITED about x] Collins told me that i'm in Emmaus, and it's just a great feeling that i'm FOR SURE about it hahah. So now I can't wait for Emmaus retreat and the upcoming dinner ! It just sucks that the beach party with Best is on that same day, hmphh, but what can I doo. Maybe some other time, yeah ? Oh ! & Collins got his first piercings today too, he was hella stoked, it was hilarious though. People were hella suprised and some of em didn't even notice lol.

Now, I just have so much to expect this month. Finish the freakn freshman school year, FINALLY ! I'm done being a freshman, thank god lol. And just have to go through finals next week and ugly tagalog finals this week, just this one final push before summer timeeee, I can do it lol. Then I got PYC and church things this summer, really start on my drivers ed and pass so I can start my drivers training, and REALLY start working out now and getting active once again, cause i'm not satisfied with what i'm doing now, and I needa start working out again, and also chill with butt toooo ! Oooweee, I just can't wait for this summer, ahhhh ! x]

But yeah, I think this is enough for now, i'll cut it here.

Kthxbyeeeee !