Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I guess you can say this is a random update, just because I haven't blog in AWHILE, or feels like in awhile. I guess I've been busy with things, been going around tryna find some jobs, going to alot of interviews and doing this & that. So I've been doing alot lately I guess, and just tryna do and finish all my schoolwork so I can finally start my freakn summer. I can't waaaait...But yeah, I've been alot of community stuff, and church things. And ugh, I just realized I'm growing a ugly gut and I need/want to lose it over the summer, so I'm going to push myself to do somewhat of a good excercise everyday, or almost everyday. Hmph, I needa get in shape again, ever since basketball for me was done, I did not do crap lol.

But yeahh, I can't wait for the summer, gona be pretty occupied. I hope I can say this would be the best summer so far, but who knows, anything can happen. I guess I'ma stop it here, thanks for reading. Byeeeeeeeee !

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