Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day,

Yeahh, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers I know, from my friends and family. But Happy Mother's Day to the one and only mother of mine. It sucks that I can't even say that to you, I know I can't say it in front of you, and it sucks even more when I can't even talk to you. I know I miss you dearly, but it just hasn't been showing on the outside. Come back home, you've been there way too long, you've been away long enough that I've felt like I haven't had a mom these past months since you've been gone. It sucks to come home to an empty house everyday, to always buy fast food because theres no home cooked meals anymore, to always be alone at home without anyone to accompany me, it hurts to know it's been like this for awhile. And now, when you finally come back, I would feel different, because you've haven't been here with me for awhile, but deep inside I know I miss you, but it's like, do I know you ? It hurts alot, but I just have to learn to accept, accept that your away for a good cause, but I wish you knew you didn't have to leave again so quickly. But it's whatever, I'll get over it sometime.

But other than that, thank you for all you've done for me, and being there with me from the start. From my whole 15 years, and many years to come. I love you, even though I may get irritated by the things you make me do or when you get mad at me for no reason. We aren't going through the bestest times, but what can you do ? What am I to do ? It's ok, I just wish you knew how I felt, it's hard to talk to you when I rarely talk to you. But like I said, it's whatever. I don't know what else I wanna say to you, I guess it just sucks that your not here with me at this moment, and seeing everyone else with their family, spending time with eachother, like what we used to do when you were here. But no, here I am, alone. It's alright, I guess thats all I want to say for now, thanks for reading, bye.

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