Monday, March 30, 2009


Just a response to that, I mean cmon, YOU DO MEAN SOMETHING TO ME ! Of course you do, and of course i'd treasure something so important to me from someone so important. Oooowee, lol. But yeah, I'm glad to see your reaction being better than I thought it would of been. The way I was thinking, since not only are you in it but GOD, maybe that happend for a reason, for maybe something new to come in for the old, something even better ? You got me thinking of the positive, and to only look at things that way because theres no use of the negative side. See, exactly why you are so important to me, you teach me things without even knowing it, just like how you learn from me everyday, I learn from you. You make me realize the better things in life, just to seek the happiness and joy everyday. YOU do so much for ME, just to make me HAPPY, and that means alot, shows me that someone, expecially you, care for me. And of course, I'd like to show that same thing to you, that's why your so special xP So of course I'd care for you in everyway, just to make you happy :D

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