Sunday, March 15, 2009

Define LOVE,

Well thats easy now, ever since I finally found the answer to it, & wanna know what I think it means. ME & you ;] Hahaha, you know it. Thanks to USANA man, i've WE'VE finally found it out, after randomly talking about the randomest things the other night.

Hm, now where to life has been up and down lately, busy and tiring. It's been a pretty boring weekend so far since I've stayed home the whole time, but it was cool since I'm talking to someone I'm getting closer too. Honestly, I've never thought I'd get close to this person, like from the beginning, because he was just HIS friend, but I thought wrong, he's more than that, & at the end, he's USANA man :D Sadly, I'm drifting from the one I THOUGHT I was most close to, or who I'm supose to be close with, & what do I get, I get crap. I can't honestly say I'm happy...Why ? Does he realize what I'm going through ? Our relationship isn't something we can just get on and off. I'm tired of going through this, and I can't do it anymore. He thinks everything will be ok and will go how it will before after saying all that crap, thinking that I'LL be ok about it ? It's hard going back now, I feel like I keep getting pushed into this hole, whenever I try to get out, I just keep falling back, and I can't make progress like that, I'm tired of being stuck in that hole, and I'm more than ready to get out and be free. Do YOU know what you're doing ? Things aren't an excitement anymore, its the same crap everytime, I'm sorry, but your not doing your job of keeping me happy like you say you do, when I try all my might to keep you happy, but it just doesn't work out anymore. I don't even know myself where you are in life, I try to help you out, but all you do is get mad at me because you think you already know what your doing, you've missed so many opportunities, and i've seen them all passed by, but I never saw you take em. What are you doing ??

Ugh, enough of that, I'm done being like that. I just wanna focus on school and goals that will get me somewhere, I'm done taking care of a baby. I got people who already make my life happy, and I don't need someone to pull me down. But yeah, busy week at school starting tomorrow, skit ALL week, im hella juiced. And that's all I wanna focus on for now, I guess this is enough for this morning, hahha. I'll write more later, thanks for reading ! :D

Kthxbyeeeeeeeeee !

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