Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wsupp people ? Just felt like blogging right now, as I wait for my laundry to finish, so I guess you can say im busy, yet theres always time to blog whenever I can :] I got people texting me & iming me, hella multitasking right now -_- Jeeeeze, but anyways, my day was alright. We were supose to have our skit performance today "/ But it got rescheduled because of that stupid firealarm yesterday, and I guess you can say I was or AM kinda sad,mad, and relieved ? Oh wait, brb..Back, I had to do other laundry crap, but yeah, was sad & mad cause we werent able to perform today, but then again, were still gonna have it & will give us more time to perfect our dances & stuff. Other than that, everything has been chill.

Been here & there, was busy this weekend. It was hella fun chillinn` with Jotz last saturday, went out for her birthday thang. Ate at red lobster then went around everywhere, rented a movie, slept over, and we were supose to watch the movie but ended up just talking and we started to fall asleep since it was like 3 in the morning and plus we were hella stuffed from the food x] The next day, went home, went out with the brooskii and them, went to the mall. That was pretty much it for my weekend, good start for the new month, im finally getting closer and closer to my trip :D

And so this week is Spirit Week, today we were supose to wear yellow, I wore a little but didn't go all out, you see sophs in their swat outfits & crap, then all the other classes, it was pretty interesting. School today was chill, nothing really exciting I guess, just the same ol school day, I had detention for the first time for this whole year ? Hah, I don't really consider it so, because Mrs.Garcia is hella cooo, but I guess it was cause I didn't get the hw last night & I got a hella bad grade from it earlier in class, so I just wanted to retake it even if it was afterschool, didn't take me awhile either since it was so easy.

Other than this, idk what else to say. I should start hw soon, & laundry needs to hurry up so I CAN do hw. Im so juiced for my trip to the PI, I can't wait. But I think this is enough for now, I'll save the subject for a new blog on a new day ;] Thanks for reading !

kthxbyeeeeeee !

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