Saturday, March 28, 2009


What happend ? It suddenly doesn't feel right anymore...Or is it just me ? I'm just not getting THAT feeling from you, where is it ? I suddenly feel disgusted, disgusted ? No, I don't know how to explain it anymore, but just a feeling of pulling back. It's different now, not the same. I feel weird with you and I don't seem to be happy. I don't know anymore, it just doesn't feel right. What am I to do now ? Show me I'm wrong because I'd like to be so. You expect me to be happy, but know that I'm just making you happy. Where am I in the picture ? I'm tired of the questions you keep asking me, its not the sake of you asking me all the time, makes me feel like you don't even know me. I'm irritated, and annoyed.

I'm sacrificing myself for you, & you don't even know it. Am I making the right choice ? Probably not..

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