Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I shed the tears of pain, this is too much for me...But how can I put that in words ? Words to make you realize how I feel ? I can't do this anymore, why is it that your NOTHING without me ? It's hard now, its not the same anymore. What the f/ck am I supose to do ? Now I ask myself, am I like this for the rest of my life ? Is it always going to be like this like it already was ? It's so frustrating, you don't even realize yourself and what you do to me...Don't you realize im NOT HAPPY, or are you just so selfish to think about your feelings ? It's either one way or another, and know that if it were to go your way, things won't be good. This feeling is driving me crazy, like miserable crazy. You won't let me do what I need/want to do, you won't even let me go. Why is it your so stuck on me, don't you know how to freakn take care of yourself ? Why is it always me ? Honestly, I can say im not commited, I can't be going through these things, these frustrations and what not. Were two different people, with two different aspects. But that, I can't even break down to you, why ? because you only think of yourself, when it comes to me, its the end of the world for you, why is that ?

Sometimes I actually think, what did I get myself into ? And how it would be like if I didn't. I seriously don't know what to do with myself. Either be stuck and not be happy, or just go with life yet with you just crawling back to me. Get your shit straight, seriously. I know I love you, but things can't always go the way you want it, nothing is forever. Why don't you think of yourself without me, im not your lifeline, I can't do it.

Words can't even explain how I feel right now. Thoughts can't even be imagined of how it would be if I were to just bring it all back again. Things are a blur, and I can't seem to even find myself anymore. Why ? Because all I do now is think about YOU. How am I supose to be happy if im like this ? And the only reason why im like this, is because of YOU. How is this "relationship" suppose to be "all right" once things are back together ? Things will not, and will be DIFFERENT. Im lost in thoughts, im sinked into this horrible feeling, and only tears can express how I am. If you only saw that, maybe that would put some sense into you...

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