Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rainy day,

So I just came home from one of those rainy days....and I feel hella grimmey from the rain -_- Alot happend today, and I just feel like sharing it with you guys :]

As the usual, got up & got dressed. It was kinda sunny when I came out, so I didnt take out my umbrella out yet, as I started to walk, it started to sprinkle, so I was like alright. After awhile it started to really rain, I ignored it for a lil bit until I got to school and I started to get real wet, so I popped out my umbrella & headed to Colt Court as usual. 1st period passed, geometry was pretty chill today, didn't do much. It was time for 2nd period, and on our way to our spot, there was hella heads coming out the same way, cause they closed the other gates which I think is stupid, so me & some other friends had to SQUEEZE through the rampage of kids, WITH umbrellas -_- Going on to 3rd period, it was raining hella much, we got to the usual spot we chill since it was break, and we tried huddling all the umbrellas together for like a big ass one, then people started to move and people in the middle got wet, expecially me -_- and I ran to the side where it was dry since people kept moving the umbrellas and shaking it so the water like sprayed out. On my way to 4th, thank god it wasnt raining, got to class and did all the stuff we needed to do, I just couldn't wait to get out of that class early since me & some other folks had a assembly to attend too. The assembly was coo, when it came to the end I was hoping that it would start raining so I didn't have to run in track, but for some reason it was hella sunny -_- Finally, afterschool I went to the PE classroom for skit, but there was a misunderstanding and HipHop club had it, so we all went to rm.67. It was a pretty chill practice, I had fun today. Went over voiceovers and I teached my group how to tut, since we decided to use it for our skit. And I was hella proud for them, they got it pretty quick, and it looks hella clean too. After seeing all that, I was hella juiced, and hopefully by tomorrow get the dance all done.

It was time to finally go home and I was walking alone. It was hella raining, but I had no other choice but to walk. As I was walking, all I did was think about what we did today & other crap. But while I was walking, you know how there is like a dip between the sidewalk and street for the water to go down the sewer, well there was HELLA water and I heard this car come right beside me, and I figured it was going kinda fast since the water he was hitting was going up pretty high, I didn't have time to react and move, so he passed me by and the water hit me from like waist and down, I was hella mad after that. My socks were like soaking wet and I was getting real cold. After that mishap, I was in front of the apartments, I just opened the gated door, and I toke a few steps, and ended up stepping in a big ass puddle, my shoes ended up getting soaked and then I just felt all the water seep through to my socks, which gave me a uncomfortable feeling, but good thing I was already home. I came home, feeling all grimey and here I came blogging, I got into some dry clothes, and bouta make some rice & EAT ! Since I haven't ate all day and only got a big cookie from Mrs.Garcia for our "lunch" since we missed it for the assembly.

And so yeah, that was pretty much it. Wanted to share that with you guys since alot happend today. I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for your time. Gonna bizzzounce now and EAT my heart out lol jk.

Kthxbyeeee !

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