Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So today is Ash Wednesday, and of course, what we've all been wanting to know,

What did you give up for lent ?

Hahha, well for me personally, what I plan on giving up for the whole 40 days of lent, is MYSPACE, SODA & SWEARING.

Yeahh, some think that I obviously won't be able to do myspace because its what I go on everyday, but I'm willing to sacrifice it & not go on it, maybe hopefully not even THINK about it lmaoo. Soda i've tried before, it was successful in most ways, but what got me was when the only thing to drink was soda one time so I had to obiviously break it -_- & swearing i've tried before too, but it was hard to maintain because there would be times when I would cuss and not realize it ? So ima just try again, and try HARDER than last year, because I really want to accomplish something this year.

& hopefully doing this, will open me up to do more things, such as have more time for homework and things like that, stuff I wouldn't have much time in doing when I was like on myspace or something.

I hope procrastination will go down, and I would get stuff done in time & do things I say I will lol.

So yeah, I just wanted to share that, & I wanna know what you gave up ;]

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