Friday, February 20, 2009


I had fun at lunch today. I was walking down the hall going to Colt Court from my bio class & I was wondering why there was music bumpin`. I come out, OH SNAP! its Supreme Soul x] loll, I wanted to check it out, and I remember it was for the Empower event. So I was chillinn` there, wondering where everyone was at, & Icky told me to go dance up stage with them. I was shy & didnt want to be the only one until I saw someone I knew, so I just waited haha. Moments later, a crowd started building and they announced they needed some dancers. Omg, everyone started pushing me & saying my name -_- but it was cool, I went up there anyways. I said wsup to everyone, gave Rj [ Kool Raul ] a hug, & just said hi to Mitch since he was with his gf. More & more people came, and they said there was gonna be a battle going down.

As they started to dance, I was getting nervous, I didn't know I wanted to do, and plus I wasn't feeling the music to get me that vibe to get into the mood, but it was watever. It was my turn, my friends cheering, it was great but I felt like I messed up. I just played around, I did some tuts and then the finger tuts, then some isolation, then I just played around after that. Once the music changed, I started to feel it, since it was something more up beat and bass. But it was coo, I didn't make it to the next round, thank god cause I didn't want to. The girl that won was pretty raw, she's my idol ;] she can dance freals. I made a new friend today, & that was nice. I wish I got some free stuff though, all good. Im still debating if I wanna go to the empower event.

Today was fun, got tap after school and went home after. & here I am. Thanks for reading.

kthxbyeeeee !

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