Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2:56 am

Damn, its almost 3am & im up from finishing that stupid DNA model. Ugh, I never thought that shit would take about 4-5 hours ?! WTF ?! omg, freals though. It didn't even end up looking like how I visualized it, and ended up looking like crap lmaoo. But anyways, USANA MAN made me feel like blogging something, because im hella bored. My back hurts from slouching for hella long, sitting on the floor -_-

I don't feel like going to school today, I have a feeling I won't wake up when my alarm comes on. And anyways, I have 2 appointments to go to, blaaah. One for the dentist and one for the docters, yippee....so yeah, I don't think ima go to school tomorrow, I still wanna do some finishing touches to my ugly ass DNA model xD

& yeah, my tummy crumbles, its hungry.

Dude, my mom been bitching at me lately, its been pissing me off -_- I thought her presence would make things here more easier and happier, but she's so short tempered and gets mad easily >.<

So I guess thats it for right now, im getting lazy to write other things. Thanks for reading, KTHXBYEEEE !

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