Thursday, February 5, 2009

What am i to do ?

It can't be understood that I can't do it anymore. I ask myself, " What did I get myself into ? " It may seem like it, but im can't be commited. Im just be, just to be. Do you not understand me ? & what I go through with you, its always about you. You always get what you want, grow the f/ck up & stop being a baby. Im tired of the bull you give me, i've had too much already. Your words hurt & scar me. I feel hopeless with this, I feel like I can't do anything to get what I want. Theres always a fuss about it, you can't understand what I want & feel. Grow up and realize.

Realize we can't do this anymore, don't you notice. I don't care what the matter is anymore, I want to leave and be gone. I have other things to be done, to improve me. You've had that time, but you wasted it. I don't want to go through this path anymore. Your like a virus, that'll never go away. I will never do anything alone anymore, im stuck in this hole that i'll never get out of, nor i'll be able to be happy with this again until you show me a difference.

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