Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Well, its been awhile since my last post. I guess i've been real busy these days to have time to blog something, but yeah, alot has been happening lately. So where to start ? Hm, my mom finally came home today, after like 3-4 months now. Finally, now I can have those homecook foods, company in the house, & alla that stuff like how it used to be when my mom was home, i've missed it so much. I guess i've been angry inside to even let it sync that my mom is back home now. But yeah, other than that, hella crap has been on my mind.

School has been the most part of me being busy, im kinda stressing or just hella thinking of what to make that damn DNA model out of, & then I have another project, I have to make a damn puppet & I don't even know what scene were doing from this one movie -_- Everything else is alright, cept I gotta worry about skit, now that they rescheduled it a week earlier, damnit. I gotta think of a routine fast & practice practice practice with the group.

At home, i've been finally able to mix, thanks to Joooooseph for the hand-me-down needles & some records. I mean its better than nothing right ? I hella thank that dude for these things, he even gave me speakers & stuff, he always got my back for djing. hahah gotta love that dude.

Last weekend was tiring yet hella fun, saturday had a dance session [ ZUMBAA ! ] lol, then went ice skating in Oakland. Sunday, went to friskoo & got some azure blazers sbs. omg, I was so juiced. I had a fun weekend.

Overall, I guess things are ok, other than the stuff that is on my mind currently, but I guess its just a challenge God gave me to fulfill, something to prove how strong I am. I wanna think of it that way, other than thinking why ?

So yeah, that was just an update. I'll try blogging more often. Kthxbyeeee !

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