Thursday, April 9, 2009

World today ?

Just a poem I had to write for LifeSkills, I think it's pretty weak but its whatever. Here you go,

What’s up with the world today
Economic disasters to war with no end
Where’s the communication ?
How about the ones without homes,
Sleeping on the streets without no clothes
Are they heard ?
There are always questions,
Questions with no answers.
Be heard and speak out,
Be the answers !
You can be the change,
The change of a new beginning
A new beginning of a new world.
Stop the violence, and increase the peace.
Don’t start later, start now.
Stop the struggles we face today,
Save the lives killed each day.
Why have war, when the world
Can be such a better place without it ?
Losing money, houses, our lives ?
How can we live with the crisis ?
Just living life to wake up each day,
Smell the breeze and notice what’s
Going on in the world today.
just Be grateful you don’t have,
To wake up in their shoes each day.
Because its not everyday you,
Hear the gunshots of men and children,
Even the cries of women right beneath them.
Their struggles for food and water,
Just be thankful you come home,
With food on the table.

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