Monday, April 20, 2009

End of Springbreak,

So it has come to the ending of my springbreak & I really don't want to go to school. I'm supose to be sleeping right now, but I can't since this stupid project & I'm talking to Joootz, chillinn right now. Were hella talking right now, being hella random cause were so tired. We don't even want to go to school tmrw so we have a Plan B x] But anyways, I just wanted to blog about springbreak to wrap it up, so overall it was pretty coool.

Friday : Went home from school and chilled, went to church for Good Friday and got my feet washed by Father Geoffrey, chilled the rest of the night with Collins and them, then went home, figuring out my plans for Springbreak.

Saturday : Went to my homegirl's Quince, it was cool, & went home tired.

Sunday : Church, eat out with fam, chilled with my brooskii, did some errands and went to SpringFling, was pretty cracknn.

Monday : That day was pretty chill, I didn't really do anything that day. Just did SOME homework, lagged on my project, and just hanged out at home that day. Jotz came over and me, my dad, and Jotz went to go get Tuttimelon before my dad went to work.

Tuesday : I don't even remember doing something on Tuesday.

Wednesday : I went to Mission Peaks with my Best, oh what an experience, it was pretty fun & tiring at the same time but it was pretty cool. After I went to wingstop for AC's 1 year Anniversary but not everyone was there but its alright. After that, I went home and chilled the rest of my day because I was hella tired. And if anything happend, I forgot xD

Thursday : Woke up early & got ready, and went to SF with hella heads, chilled there for almost most of my day, and then went back home, then went to UL to go to Tuttimelon & In-N-Out, after that I went back home because it was getting pretty late.

Friday : I felt pretty good that we made up and we didn't have to worry about not talking to eachother because that was pretty hard to do, and it hurted alot to know that I could've been talking to my Best the whole day. I went to my brother's place to sleepover because we were going to PGA the next day, and I chilled there for the other half of my day, I came upon problems and ended up going to Marina with him. Then went home after, pretty tired.

Saturday : I woke up, got ready & waited for my brother to get me. I got all my things ready, pacing myself for the hot weather and just chillinn back. I got picked up, ended up cleaning my brother's car a little bit for the meet and then we bounced. Came to the meet, and we went to PGA and left my bro with the rest of the mazda people. I had fun watching Reina go on rides and alla that, it was pretty chill, didn't go on much rides, but its all good. I got darker that day but its watever, came back to my brother's place from a long day from PGA and toke a nap. Me & my brother went out for awhile, and then I went home.

Sunday : So this was supose to be my chill day and to finally do my PROJECT, I chilled with my dad and ate, I was working on my outline for my project and then I got ready for church. I wemt to church and chilled with them emmaus people at Tuttimelon. Then I went home to go finish my project, then I went out again to get some food and I didn't end up going to sleep as I expected and ended up going to sleep around 4 ? Because I was on the phone with Jotz and we were both working on our projects and being hella random because it was hella late, then I called my Best and I was being hella random with him cause it was hella late and I couldn't sleep.

And here we are today, woke up early enough and I didn't expect it. Got ready & was ready for the hot ass day we had. Best forgot to walk me to school but its cool. Had a TIRING and HOT day, omg -_- But there was finally Youth today, and I was pretty excited. All we did was skits today, about friendship and alla that. I went home and here I am.

****Sorry, but my days might not be as accurate because I kinda forgot what I did on those days, so yeah. But it's what I can remember for right now.

Thanks for reading, kthxbyeeee !

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