Friday, April 3, 2009


Haha, so it's the 3rd day of April. & this is my first blog for this month. Time goes by pretty fast, I remember it was only like 2 months ago when I thought April was hella far, now its finally here. Just when I thought I WAS going to the PI, now i'm not even going anymore "/ But oh well, my dad wants to go on a cruise now o_O Ooweee, something new I guess. We've always talked about going to Atlantis & stuff over there in the Bahamas lol. Yet other than that, springbreak is coming up and i'm hella juiced. Friskooooooo here we come ! Aha, I hope it comes through. Just rolling deep with friends, on a nice chill day at the city, what more can you ask for right ? Alot has been happening lately I guess, I missed Powderpuff today, hella sad, but its whatever though, I can't wait till its our time, J&S got me excited for our year to come for Powderpuff. But other than ruining my fun for tonight, I won't let that happen tomorrow, because I AM going to HIN. I've been looking for this, and I'm going lmaoo. I also can't forget to pick up an EMMAUS application. Oh yes, finally. Speaking of church, I have to go to rehearsals next week for mass. I'm going to get my feet washed by the priest ? For one of the masses, as Collins said. Hm, what else is happening...Oh, SpringFling is coming up in 2 weeks, man I don't even know about that one. Maybe just another no show, cause I wouldn't want anyone getting mad *ahem. But still selling tickets. After that is Springbreak, and I was supose to go to the PI the week after that. But nooooo, just couldn't. After alla this, its already what ? May ? Wow, this month is gonna fly by, I already know, this week already felt like it, so yeah.

What to do, I can't even explain words for you. I'm still walking down the road of emptiness. Like I've always said, I sacrifice things to make YOU happy, as much as I want to do things. What can I do ? I don't take your offers, I only ask you WHY ? But for me, I'm just living with it till the end. Whenever comes the end, it will BE the end. I won't walk in this empty road anymore, but just hope for something good to come by. Other than that, I don't know what else to say to you, or what I think of you, how I think of us ? Because I've said it more than enough times before, and nothings changed. I remember you told me something earlier, I was dissapointed in you. How can you say things and do things that would at least bring you somewhere, and just let it all go ? You really don't care do you ? You couldn't even tell me, even if you said you didn't tell anyone. Wtf ? You just let another opportunity go, and NOW what are YOU gonna do ? You think what you have now is gonna provide for you the rest of your life ? Get with the program dude, life isn't easy as you think it is and your gonna let something as important go by. I mean, if I were to take back what I just said, it wouldn't matter, because I'd still be pissed about things YOU said, saying your gonna do this & that, get this and accomplish that. Now thats all BS now, thats disappointing to me, and you think I'm not gonna be affected by that ? I bet not even me, but people close to you were expecting big things from you, they'd probably feel the same way I do. After pushing you all that time, hoping to see you pursue something, gone....

Ahh, its watever, I have better things in life to worry about and look foward too, I won't even think about it. I guess thats enough for tonight, until next time. Thanks for reading, byeeeee !

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