Friday, April 10, 2009

Over Believer,

So here's a little something I made during class, it was pretty random, but I hella just thought about it and I really wanted to write it down, so I paid attention to my mind and what it wanted to say rather than my classwork that I was supose to be doing that time x]

I think I've come to my point to where,
I ask myself what am I gonna do with my life.
So many opportunities,
so many things I want to do.
What do I pursue ?
A new year is only more than half,
a year from now.
Where will I be ?
What will I do ?
There so much for myself,
I think it's time for sacrifice,
and to figure what I know and,
want to do.
Chances here and there.
What can I do ?
I've already taken a step,
now another ?
Am I moving too fast ?
Am I taking to many chances ?
How do I balance ?
So many talents, so many interest.
What am I to choose ?
Relax, Breathe, Think.
Straighten my mind and body,
and take one step at a time.
Over achiever ? Nah, over believer,
because I believe I can do anything,
if I put my mind and effort to it.
So I take my time to write this off my head,
and not pay attention,
to what I have to do instead.

& yeah, that was just a little something, I was inspired by my class before the class I was writing this in, and the guest speaker was pretty dope. And I thought about what I've been writing these days, and I felt motivated by it and what I've been interested in. SlamPoetry or poems itself can be powerful, and the words we write can be things meant to be said out in the world. I thought someday my words can be said, but we will see as time goes, but for now, I feel like writing.

Thanks for reading :]

- Raaaanii

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  1. hella good ;]

    i'd post my poem from earlier but...
    hahahaha! x]