Thursday, April 16, 2009


Something ima miss hearing for awhile, but anyways...
I had a loooooong day today, it was fun yet different. Started off waking up a couple of times this morning, but I got up around 8. Went on the computer to kill time, and I started to get ready. Started to hit people up, and seeing wsup. Allie and Ej came over to kill time too, then we went off to bart. We met up with ALMOST everyone, got my ticket, and everyone elses since they didn't know how lmao. We had some laggers, but we left anyways since we had some people waiting at Bayfair for us. Just when we were on bart going towards Hayward, I had to go back to pick up the rest of our friends because they didn't know how to take bart either. So, me and my two other friends, came back with me to UC bart and waited for their butts to be there. We waited for hella days, and I was hella stressing because I was calling people one after another, and we ended up going back on bart around 12:10. After that, we met up with the rest and headed to SF. Once we got there, we went to the mall and went to the places we wanted to go. We kinda split apart but we managed to all meet up after. Honestly, I was kinda pissed, well not pissed, but I got kinda irritated because I had people call me nonstop, asking where we were and what not, I guess its cause I'm like their little tour guide, and I'm the only one who really knew the city. We finally went out of the mall, and went to H&M since Alex wanted to go so bad, after that, we were hungry and went to Blondie's Pizza right down the street. We saw the rest of the group, but most of the guys went off on their own, and the main group were downstairs eating the bomb pizza and cheesy fries haha. After we were done, we went to urbanoutfitters, and back to market to meet up with two other people. I spent my whole time buying what my parents needed, and bought my dad's bday present, and I didn't want to leave SF without buying myself something at least. So, I wanted to go to Haight while whoever else wanted to go to Metreon, but they didn't want to split, and they didn't care anyways, so I brought them all to Haight. The bus we toke wasn't the best experience, since it was soo crowded, but it was fun though. We got to Haight, went to Stussy, then to True, I got a jacket [surprising how it was still there from the last time I went there], and we headed back since Jotz had to go back home. Caught bart pretty fast, wasn't much of a wait cause I guess we were messing around alot. Hoped on bart, was hellaa heads up in there, and everyone seemed to be pretty tired. It wasn't everyone, but it was alright. I ended up lipsyncing and dancing to my friends ipod since I was soo bored, and this one fool was looking at me -_- Corey and them went back to Bayfair, as for me and the rest went back home towards UC.

Home at last, but I felt my night wasn't over yet. So I dropped off my things at home and me & Alex went to UL to get some Tuttimelon. We were waiting HELLA LONG for the stupid bus, and we kept seeing other buses going to other bus stations, so I was like forget it, lets go to the one near Logan. But just as we were walking, we finally saw the bus come upon the bus spot we were just on, so we ran back and got on the bus. Got to UL, went to Tuttimelon and walked around to kill time, we ate at In-n-out and headed towards the bus spot. As we were waiting for the bus, Alex had to hella pee, so I told him I would wait for him and that he should run, so he did, but once he got to the entrance, the bus came ! So I started to hella laugh, and I yelled at him, he came running back tryna come back before the bus came, and we got in, in time.

And here I am, finally at home. Pretty tired, had a long ass day. A nice adventure. I wrapped my dad's present, and put it in a box. I bought him a polo shirt, & I was gonna buy him shorts too but it was hella expensive, but after wrapping it, I put it on top of his bed for him to open when he gets home from work. And I guess you can say what's different about today was, I hardly talked to my best today...Actually, at in-n-out when I was waiting for my food, I thought about him and felt pretty sad because I knew I could've been talking to him, but yeah. Hm, I miss him, but you gotta just do what you have to dooo. Anyways, I'm pretty tired, so I guess I'll end it here. Gnite, thanks for reading.


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