Monday, April 13, 2009


Ooooweee, springbreak ! It's going pretty good right now, went to my friend's quince, and then a funktion last night. Not bad to start it off, now I just can't wait for friskooo, and morning walks with the Best. I hope this break goes as I imagined it or planned, I'm being too lazy to do my project and the rest of my hw, ugh. Sooo bad, ima end up doing it last minute, I already know. But it's watever. I'm hella bored right now though, waiting for my dad to wake up, I want TuttiMelon x] Ohh yeahh, I finally get to go back on myspace and drinking soda if i NEED to. The first night I went back on myspace, oh gosh it was like a frienzyyy, I was all over everyones myspaces and stuff, tryna update. And now I stay on, because it's break and if anyone wants to chill, they can hit me up on myspace hahhahah ! Anyways, I guess I'll stop bloggging, I don't feel like writing anymore.

Kthxbyeeee !

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