Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty Chill,

It was a pretty chill day today, not too bad to start off my springbreak. First I walked with UsanaMan, hhahaa I hella didn't want to go to school this morning, and he noticed. 1st period was alright, toke a quiz, I was kinda confident, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but I didn't get some parts but it was all good. As I got a progress report sheet to see what my grades were in that class, I was suprised and proud of myself, my grade was raised up and I was hella happy, and even happier because I was pretty confident with this quiz and how it can bump my grade up to something better. It turned my mood around and I was ok after that.

2nd period was chill, watched a movie and toke notes, since it was my filipino class, we were watching a movie about food and it made me hella hungry and made me miss the PI a little. It kinda sucks how I'm not going anymore, I was so excited for that time and was so ready to go, but things changed and we weren't going anymore, bummer "/

3rd was great, we listened to the rest of the poems people needed to speak out. And Ms.Cross had a guest speaker for us, she came in, plus with another class that wanted to join us. I forgot her name but that girl was spittinn` some good slam. She inspired me, with someone with no experience at all, with no interest from the beginning, she came so far and got so good to what she put effort in after awhile. After a few spoken word from her, they talked about her history and clubs at school. They were interested in making a club next year for some slam poetry/art, etc. My teacher was interested in me and some other kids, and that made me think about what I wanted to do and if I wanted to put effort in. Poetry has really grabbed my attention these days, and I was figuring if I really have the talent for it. I still think now, but for now I'm gonna write as much as I can, to keep my interest strong.

4th was alright, someone flaked on the whole class, and was supose to bring us cake, but she didn't. They got us all hyped too, but thanks to Janine, she was the only one who brought something, chips x] While we ate that, we were supose to watch a video and answer questions, but something random came to my head as I was thinking of last period, and so I wrote it down, ignoring my classwork. And you can read what I wrote below this blog. After I was done, I told Janine to see what I wrote just suddenly because it was pretty suprising to me that I wrote a whole page in just moments without hesitation. She said it was hella good, and it felt good to know. And it made me wonder, could this be something I can really do ? Idk if it would be a main priorety, or just something on the side, but I'm pretty confident on what I'm doing now.

Lunch was ok, I wanted to go home by then, but by the time I called my dad, he was already in Milpitas with my Granny. So I said nevermind. I chilled with my "babies" hahah, and just talked about whatever, then went to 6th period.

During 6th period, we had a sub, she was alright. We had a timed persuasive essay, and she gave us the opportunity to use our ipods since the subject we had to write about was about music and what not. Just when I had my mind set on what I wanted to write, the was a stupid fire. No wonder why some of my classmates were asking if we smelled something burning, and next thing you know you see a guy come in the classroom saying there was a fire, and everyone, as they are, were screaming and being hella immature, we grabbed our stuff and went outside. It was kinda funny cause most of us were like in the mode/roll of writing and had our minds set to what we wanted to write, so it was kind of a bummer. I was hopeing the fire alarm would last till 7th because I DID NOT want to go to track, since it was getting pretty hot by that time, and I just wanted to chill for our last day of school for springbreak. I got a poem from Best, it was cute and funny. The ending was interesting but its all good.

7th came, and man it was hot & irritating. We had a sub for that class, and as always, no one dresses or cares to dress, and subs for that class DO NOT know how to take roll, so everyone just huddles around the sub and wait for their name to be called. I got pretty irritated because people who use my crap don't respect it, so I got pretty pissed and just tried to ignore them as I layed on the turf since we weren't doing anything. I tried taking a nap, but there was these two guys "wrestling". It was pretty funny, they were playing around and stuff, everyone just watched them mess around, but after awhile, it started getting rough. You know how most boys get, they can take some things serious and make a big deal out of it, their "wrestling" became something that didn't even look like it, and the guy got pretty ticked of what the other guy was doing to him since he just kept going at him. It was pretty hilarious, but the guy toke it seriously because I guess he was pissed, and wanted to fight him all of the sudden. The sub had to stop it, so I guess it was a good 10mins or so. After that, we left.

Me and Terahlyn left early as usually, chilled at the front as we waited for everyone else. Collins & Stace called to chill, I wasn't sure because my friend wanted to come over, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to do both, but I'm sorry for what I did. But I mean, I can always chill with her, and if I chilled with Collins and Stace, we were gonna get food, and plus they were like BEGGING any BUGGING me to go, so I went.

Chilling with Stace and Collins is like the funnest thing ever lmaoo. We dropped off Devon, and was figuring out what to eat since Stace owed me food, and so it was my choice, there was soo many choices, but we decided to go to Costco lmao x] As we got there, we ate like all the free samples, going through almost every aisle, getting a BIG bag of BAGS of shrimp chips, and FERRERO ROCHER chocolates, omg. I love Collins, we figured we liked the same chocolates and what not, since he's my sponser, I should might as well get to know him more and what not, it was interesting, and Stace, choking on her chimichanga since she ate the napkin with it hahhah ! Collins bought me chicken bake, and I ate half of it because I was already kinda full from all the samples we ate lol. We left to go to Starbucks, as we were on the freeway, it was lightweight traffic, but as we were driving, Stace got a text and was about to read it until me and Collins were yelling because we were going straight towards a car that braked, and Stace jumped and braked hella hard, my chickenbake flew across my seat and my head bobbed as Collins almost hit his head too hahah. It was pretty crazy after that, we were all relieved, and I ended up texting for Stace since she didn't want that happening again lol.

At Starbucks, we got some drinks, I got the usually specialty, and VENTI too x] Thanks to Stace, and we headed back to the church. Me and Stace chilled in the car, waiting for others, as Collins left to prepare. We talked about some stuff, like emmaus, retreat, basketball, and alla that stuff. And I guess she didn't get the memo that I had to go home, since I guess Collins didn't tell her -_- So we had to leave last minute to drop me off, and I'm sorry for that. And now I regret for not staying there and saving the hassle, because what I thought I was sacrificing is now going to waste, and I could've been at church. Hm, regret now ? But it's something I have to realize and let go.

So here I am, I've been blogging the whole time a little after I got home. I don't know what to do, I was thinking of writing some poems, or do most of my hw since I have some free time, I feel like taking a nap though, so I might do that also if I fall asleep on my bed, but yeah. This is ALOT and I think this is the MOST I've wrote in a blog. I think ima stop here though, I'm pretty tired, so I guess I'll just save the rest of my words for some other blog. Should read my little poem below too and tell me what you think.

Kthxbyeeeee !

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