Friday, January 23, 2009

So what happend was....

Hellooo again, so its been about over a week since I posted a blog, I guess i've been busy with finals & crap -___- Thank god its over now, everything was easy, it all just had hella questions though. At the end of my last final, my thumb was hurting cause I was tryna finish in time. Luckily I finished & I was hella tired after that.

Today I went to the store with Jotz, bought bananas for Papa, stole some candy at Dollar Tree, & went home after that. Too bad I couldnt watch my homegirl audition at Teen Idol ? She told me she made it though, & im damn proud of her. That girl can sing, no doubt.

I got home, ate, played Balloono for awhile, & still tryna finish my "project" for tomorrow. I got a big suprise for someone special, and I hope it goes as planned.

& as for right now, im hella tired, & bored. I need to stop procrastinating again & get my shit done so I dont have to do it tomorrow. So I guess thats all for now, until the next time I post something. kthxbyeeeeee !

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