Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27th

Today was pretty chill, I mean it was cold as hell this morning though -__- but it got warmer once it got more into the day.

So yeah, today was the first day of the new semester, our last semester for our freshman year. If you think about it, that was hella fast. 2nd semester already and the end of the school year is like 5 months from now ? Talk about damn, lmaooo.

My schedule didn't really change except for 3rd period. Rather than AAS, I now have lifeskills with Ms.Cross. Yippee ? She's pretty chill, people say she's awesome & I believe that, but I will say that I WILL miss Asain American Studies. First, because I wont be able to eat my sandwiches or any other food I have to eat, that I usually eat in his class. Second, I won't be getting much of the important information we'd usually get from Mr.Santos, like about our community and stuff, which made that class so interesting. Third, how that class was soooo close to biology, we don't have to walk as far as we do now -_-

Other than that, we had fun with the balloons I brought from home at lunch. Everyone was going crazy with them, it was hilarious, I should've recorded it but I was being lazy loll. 7th period, me & Terahlyn didn't dress for ape because it was kinda pointless when we only had like 30mins left, & the hassle of dressing and crap, so we just chilled & walked around.

Afterschool, me, Terahlyn, & Janine went to L&L , it was yummy. But I had to bounce cause I had to go to my auntie's house.

& yeah, went home, homework, computer, yennooo the usual.

Well that's all for tonight, hitting the sheets, kbyeeeeee !

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