Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simply No,

It's just the matter of saying "No" now, because I have come to realize, I can't do everything. Even though as much as I want to help everyone or participate in everything, somethings just have to come to a cut. I've come to realize how busy my summer will be, and now planning how my next school year will be too. But I'm just looking at it as if I do everything now, one by one, at the end, it'll benefit me and clear almost everything I have to do later on. As of right now, all the offers that are given to me, I can't simply accept, because now I have to think of what I already have, and try to apply it to that, and I can't seem to do it. I haven't been in a situation quite like this before, expecially for me saying "no", to opportunities that aren't easy to deny, but what can you do right ? Sorry for the ones that maybe need or want me, as for a helping hand or just for the fun of hanging out and chillinn, but I can't help everyone.

Hmph, I just wanted to point that out I guess, was on my mind and I wanted to type it out. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Stressing out, ahhh. Gotta light up, kthxbyeeee.

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