Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Oooweee, it's the beginning of June and i'm already juiced :D I say I have ALOT for me this month and I can't wait, omg. But yeah, today was the last day of YM, and we had our potluck, it was pretty funnn, and I found of somehting that I was SO EXCITED about x] Collins told me that i'm in Emmaus, and it's just a great feeling that i'm FOR SURE about it hahah. So now I can't wait for Emmaus retreat and the upcoming dinner ! It just sucks that the beach party with Best is on that same day, hmphh, but what can I doo. Maybe some other time, yeah ? Oh ! & Collins got his first piercings today too, he was hella stoked, it was hilarious though. People were hella suprised and some of em didn't even notice lol.

Now, I just have so much to expect this month. Finish the freakn freshman school year, FINALLY ! I'm done being a freshman, thank god lol. And just have to go through finals next week and ugly tagalog finals this week, just this one final push before summer timeeee, I can do it lol. Then I got PYC and church things this summer, really start on my drivers ed and pass so I can start my drivers training, and REALLY start working out now and getting active once again, cause i'm not satisfied with what i'm doing now, and I needa start working out again, and also chill with butt toooo ! Oooweee, I just can't wait for this summer, ahhhh ! x]

But yeah, I think this is enough for now, i'll cut it here.

Kthxbyeeeee !


  1. Hahahahha, chill with me? lmao x] as if you even have time for me! you being busy with church and community stuff! hmph! meaaaanie.
    I always have time for you but you never have time for me! im always the incase this plan dont work out ill chill with you! hahaha of course im kidding.

    ahhh its late!

  2. come and answer the survey i posted in my blog!