Sunday, December 21, 2008


Its almost the end of the year, ALREADY ?! i thought that was hella fast, i feel like im still getting used to 08, now its bouta be 09 ? what the eff ?! ahh i guess, but a new year is a new year, im ready to change somethings for the better, ive made bad choice/mistakes, but live with no regret, and learn from mistakes and change for the better. i'd say i had a krazy year this year, and its not worth forgetting, but i hope nxt year will be better and easy going.

im not even asking for alot anymore. im not even asking for anything this christmas, save the money and use it for something useful. id give, but i have no money to give, but you know what ill give you, i can give you my love :D cause i got love for you guys.

i hope to accomplish alot nxt year, and get through what i gotta get through. save the drama, but i knw ill be expecting obstacles, so thats just the process of going through.

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